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Tips for Bringing Your Dog into the Office

Labrador Lying on a Messy Work Desk

Are you one of those lucky people who works for a dog-friendly office? The trend has gained steam in recent years as many companies have seen improvements in morale, employee retention and recruiting. Then again, there are challenges that come along with bringing your dog into the workplace. These include a distracted workforce, accidents in the office and overstimulation (for both pets and people). These aren’t criticisms, per se, but rather things to be aware of. Below we will provide a few suggestions to ensure a safe and happy experience for your doggo and productivity-driven day for your coworkers. Pre-Office[...]

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How to Introduce a Nervous Pup to Visitors

Dog stands on the wooden floor staring at the guests

You and your dog are the classic odd couple. You are a vibrant socialite who loves nothing more than to invite friends and family to your house for potlucks and sporting events. But your doggy – well, she is shy around new people. She might even spend the evening hiding under coffee tables, whimpering and counting the seconds until your guests leave. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. By correcting a few behaviors and providing structure, you can put your pet at ease when visitors come into your home. Discipline for the Door Dasher Of course, it’s not[...]

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Therapy Dog Training: A Beginner’s Guide

Dog ready to be trained

Dogs are truly a gift to this world. Whatever the day you’ve had or the mood you’re in, your pup seems to instinctively know how to make everything better. When they greet you at the door with high levels of excitement and playfulness (whether you’ve been gone for 15 minutes or a week) you know that you are loved. Not everyone is fortunate enough to know the love of a dog. Circumstances greatly influence canine-human interactions, and for some people, the idea of a dog as being one of the family is a baffling notion. Doesn’t this just make you[...]

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Dog Park Etiquette: 3 Things to Do Before You Unleash

Unleashing in Excitement Upon Arrival in the Park

When you grab your car keys and your pup’s leash, they know what time it is: IT’S DOG PARK TIME! Your dog (it’s like they’re half kangaroo) jumps into the car and is rearing to go. Watching their little bum shake as their tail wags one hundred miles an hour warms your heart. You’re such a happy and proud puppy parent! Everyone at the park knows who your dog is by their colorful and hip personalized dog collar, and you’re grateful for that. The last thing you want is for your dog to be recognized by his bad manners! But,[...]

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