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Understanding Your Dog’s Body Language

Group of dogs wiggling their tails with ears up

Dogs can’t talk. That much should be obvious. But that doesn’t mean they can’t communicate. It just means that we, as pet owners, need to take a little more time to and effort to figure it out. Below are a few of the common body language hints dog use to convey their emotional states, and what you ought to do about each one. Let’s begin: I’m Relaxed. Come Say Hi. Do you know a relaxed dog when you see one? Typically, he will have his ears up, tail down, head high and mouth slightly ajar. This confident body language means,[...]

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Tips for Bringing Your Dog into the Office

Labrador Lying on a Messy Work Desk

Are you one of those lucky people who works for a dog-friendly office? The trend has gained steam in recent years as many companies have seen improvements in morale, employee retention and recruiting. Then again, there are challenges that come along with bringing your dog into the workplace. These include a distracted workforce, accidents in the office and overstimulation (for both pets and people). These aren’t criticisms, per se, but rather things to be aware of. Below we will provide a few suggestions to ensure a safe and happy experience for your doggo and productivity-driven day for your coworkers. Pre-Office[...]

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New Friends: Introducing Your Dog to a New Pet

Looking to adopt a new cat, dog or other pet into your family? They say that first impressions last a lifetime, which is why it is so important that your new pet and familiar dog meet on amicable terms. An initial spat or fight could sour the relationship before it has a chance to flourish. Below are a handful of tips to help you introduce a new fur baby to your dog without all the drama. Face to Face Some pet owners like to tackle introductions head on by allowing their pets to meet face to face. Now, this is[...]

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How to Introduce a Nervous Pup to Visitors

Dog stands on the wooden floor staring at the guests

You and your dog are the classic odd couple. You are a vibrant socialite who loves nothing more than to invite friends and family to your house for potlucks and sporting events. But your doggy – well, she is shy around new people. She might even spend the evening hiding under coffee tables, whimpering and counting the seconds until your guests leave. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. By correcting a few behaviors and providing structure, you can put your pet at ease when visitors come into your home. Discipline for the Door Dasher Of course, it’s not[...]

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