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3 Things to Consider Before Adopting a Special Needs Dog

care for a dog with special needs

Shelter dogs still waiting to be placed in their forever homes have a “ruff” time getting adopted for one of three reasons: -The dog is not a puppy -The dog’s breed is misunderstood by the general public -The dog has special needs 2.7 million companion animals (dogs and cats) are euthanized every year due to shelter overpopulation. The animals that are selected for euthanasia are the sick, feeble and disabled. The dogs that have the slimmest chances of being adopted. Special needs dogs, much like their seemingly healthier counterparts, can be saved. Special needs dogs can lead happy lives—all they[...]

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Studs and Rhinestones: Does a Leather Dog Collar Need Embellishments?

We are not want for a lack of choices when it comes to dogcollars. Leatherdog collars , mesh, polyester—there is a wide selection of choices. We caneven accessorize or embellish our dog’s collar with charms, studs, rhinestones:all the bells and whistles. But do our dogs like these embellishments? Think about what you do and don’t like to wear. Does thewatch you wear on your wrist feel constrictive when your job demands you typesolidly for eight hours a day? Is the necklace that dangles and catches on thingsevery time you have to bend down to pick something up still worth its[...]

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