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How to Introduce a Nervous Pup to Visitors

Dog stands on the wooden floor staring at the guests

You and your dog are the classic odd couple. You are a vibrant socialite who loves nothing more than to invite friends and family to your house for potlucks and sporting events. But your doggy – well, she is shy around new people. She might even spend the evening hiding under coffee tables, whimpering and counting the seconds until your guests leave. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. By correcting a few behaviors and providing structure, you can put your pet at ease when visitors come into your home. Discipline for the Door Dasher Of course, it’s not[...]

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5 Holiday Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers

Lucky Dog Enjoying Pre-holiday Presents

Everybody loves the holidays. It’s a wonderful and whimsical time of year when people show their love for one another by exchanging gifts. Haven’t started on your shopping list yet? Well, we can help you find something special for that extra special someone. Below are a few suggestions regarding the best holiday gift ideas for the dog lover in your life. A Luxury Dog Collar Let’s say your brother has a beautiful collie. She is smart, friendly and loves nothing more than to feel the wind in her long fur as she dashes around the dog park. What could you[...]

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The Name Game: 20 Original Names for Your Original Pooch

Dogs Digging a Hole in a Dry Soil

Do you like your name? By giving us unique names with odd spellings, our parents set us up for success, or a lifetime of mispronunciations and teasing. We don’t have to worry about that so much when we name our dogs, but to make up for our parents’ mistake, we try to give them a strong and fitting name. Engrave your pup’s luxury dog collar with a name that represents who they are and what they mean to you. Here are 20 dog names to whet your palette. Benjen: Originated from the name Benjamin, meaning “son of the right hand.”[...]

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6 Names You Won’t Hear Twice at the Dog Park

Four Dogs in Different Breed Sitting in the Park

You love your new puppy. She’s smart, friendly and has the most unique personality you’ve ever seen. Which is why you now want to find a name matching her adorable qualities. Coming up with a truly unique name can be tough though. Sure, names like Molly, Rex, Maggie or Duke are great, but they are also found on practically every dog collar with a nameplate. You want something you won’t hear everyday. Below are six names you won’t hear twice at the dog park to get you inspired. Espresso Your puppy is full of energy and always ready for her[...]

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