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3 Ways to Curb Aggressive Behavior in Your Alpha Dog

Aggressive dog tips

Dogs get a bad rap in the news media. If someone has been bitten by a dog, demands to have the dog euthanized spring up on the message boards. If the dog happens to be particular breed, such as a Pit Bull or German Shepherd, you can bet that the public will demand to “see justice.” Just like people, dogs aren’t born bad. There are extenuating circumstances that can change a human’s (or dog’s) behavior. Where does it all start? With the puppy parent. If your pup is exhibiting aggressive behavior, bust out the dog biscuit treats, it’s time to[...]

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10 Things To Know About Puggles

Many people are not familiar with the term "designer dog."This sounds like an adorable pooch that fits into your matching handbag, but infact, it is a deliberate mating of two breeds with known characteristics to getthe best of both. One popular combo is the "Puggle," which combinesthe adorable Pug with the self-assured Beagle. Here's a look at what you canexpect when you combine these two breeds. Although the goal of designer dogs that mix breeds is to achieve thebest characteristics, genetics can be a game of roulette, with differentfeatures coming into prominence unexpectedly. The Pug is small, shorthaired andvery affectionate,[...]

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5 Cool Facts About Cockapoos

The Cockapoo is often referred to as a mixed-breed or designer dog. It is a cross between a poodle and a cocker spaniel, creating a pet that offers some of the features from each breed while avoiding many of the genetic imperfections commonly found within purebreds. The cockapoo is often healthier than either a poodle or acocker spaniel simply because it does not have any of the genetic defectstypically found in either breed. Since the animal is healthier, it is oftenhappier as well. Fewer vet visits and treatments are required, minimizing anydiscomfort commonly associated with poodles and cocker spaniels. Crossbreeding[...]

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10 Tricks To Get Dog Hair Out Of Your Car

10 Ways TO Get Dog Hair Out Of The Car [SOURCE=HotDogCollars.com] http://ctt.ec/9Dd6x" style="width: 73px;">  10 Ways To Get Dog Hair Out Of The Car Dog owners love to have their furry friends in their cars - they are part of the family and provide emotional support that is almost therapeutic. However, getting the dog hair out of the car afterwards can be difficult and tiresome. While vacuuming seems like the most obvious solution, it always seems to leave many small hairs behind. Here are some other ways to keep the car interior dog hair-free.to avoid giving your dog the wrong[...]

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