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3 Lifestyle Changes to Expect When You Get a Dog

dog begging at table

If you’re thinking about expanding your family by one furry member, it’s necessary to consider all that will change after the new pup crosses his adorable little paws over your threshold. There will be another mouth to feed, more bath times, more exercise—but there will also be a whole lotta love! Like with anything, making the decision to adopt a puppy is a significant one; dogs, much like children, demand excellent care if they’re to thrive. After bringing your little one home and getting him situated with vet appointments and adorning him with his personalized and oh-so-cute dog ID tags,[...]

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3 Things to Consider Before Adopting a Special Needs Dog

care for a dog with special needs

Shelter dogs still waiting to be placed in their forever homes have a “ruff” time getting adopted for one of three reasons: -The dog is not a puppy -The dog’s breed is misunderstood by the general public -The dog has special needs 2.7 million companion animals (dogs and cats) are euthanized every year due to shelter overpopulation. The animals that are selected for euthanasia are the sick, feeble and disabled. The dogs that have the slimmest chances of being adopted. Special needs dogs, much like their seemingly healthier counterparts, can be saved. Special needs dogs can lead happy lives—all they[...]

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Pet ownership doesn't have to break the bank. While you shouldn't skimpon veterinary care for your furry family member, you can cut costs in otherareas. Here are five ways you can love your bundle of joy without having tostress over the price of ownership. Visit the Human Pharmacy If your pet ever needs a prescription, have it filled at your localsupermarket. Many big box grocery stores will dispense doggie antibiotics, painkillers, and anti-inflammatories for free. You could save hundreds of dollarswith this tip, especially if your pooch has a chronic health condition. The Doggiesitters Club Don't get stuck paying $25[...]

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Getting a new dog comes with a list of responsibilities. Atthe top of that list is training. If your dog ignores your commands, jumps upon house guests and leads you on walks, the pup probably believes he is thealpha in the pack. To foster a good relationship with your dog and maintain theauthority in the relationship, you will want to establish who is in chargeright away. Following professional advice, respecting the limits of your canineand using special training tools like treats (food is always a good motivator) dogtraining collars and exercises, you and your dog will form a healthy pattern[...]

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