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Tips for Fido’s First Road Trip

Furry friend getting ready for road trip in a white van

Are you the adventurous type? Do you spend your workweek fantasizing about road trips through the wild western United States or driving a few hours south to the beach on Sunday morning? Wouldn’t it be nice to bring your furry friend on your next road trip? If your dog loves walks, then he or she will go absolutely bananas for a road trip expedition! Of course, taking Fido for a cruise in your SUV adds a whole batch of decisions you might not have thought about before. Below are a few things to consider and prep before taking your pup[...]

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5 Ways to Help Prepare Your Dog for a Long Flight

It’s summertime and the living is easy. Traditionally, this is the time of year for vacations, beach getaways and just plain being away from the office. You love to travel, but you can’t stand the thought of leaving your puppy companion home alone. But do you really think your little buddy will be able to handle a long flight? Here are five ways to help your dog prepare for a long flight to ensure it remains cool, calm and collected during your plane ride. Make Sure the Airline Accepts Dogs First things first, you’ll want to examine the airline’s policy[...]

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6 Tips For Traveling with Your Dog

Are you planning a summer vacation or autumn getaway this year? Do you plan to take your pet with you or hire a pet sitter? Thanks to the growingnumber of pet-friendly accommodation providers, it is now easier than ever totake your fur baby with you when your travel. Ensuring your pet remains safeand comfortable is easy if you take a few precautions ahead of time. Review thefollowing pet travel tips prior to heading out on your next big adventure: Make sure your pet'scarrier is safe for travel. Inspect the interior to ensure there are no roughedges and tug on the[...]

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