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3 Wilderness Hacks to Get Your Dog Adventure Ready

Dog at Campground in Front of Man Playing Guitar

What is the one family activity that everyone tries to do as soon as the summer hits? Camping! An American summer tradition, camping brings the family together and helps them to reconnect to each other and get back to nature; Facebook isn’t everything! Packing up the car with the tent, sleeping bags, lantern, matches, water bottles, food and insect repellent, (the list goes on) there’s a special someone you shouldn’t forget to bring along: your loyal pupper! Equipped with hiking booties, a personalized dog harness and their own outward hound pack, your dog can hike the trails with you, go[...]

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Swimming Safety Tips For Dogs

Click To Tweet "The Best Swimming Safety Tips For Dogs" We all just assume that dogs can swim, after all they have descended from wild animals right?  While a swimming instinct is built in to most modern breeds, swimming both in a pool and beach does pose a threat to our lovable furry family members.  Especially if proper precautions are not taken. Here are some quick tips on how to keep your dogs safe around the water this Summer, but also warning signs to watch out for after they go for a swim Dogs DO need to learn to swim.[...]

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How To Keep Your Dog Safe In The Heat

Click To Tweet "How To Help Your Dog Beat The Heat This Summer" Is it getting hot in here or is it just me?  If it is too hot outside for you, then it's hot for you dogs too.  This is especially true for short nose breeds, as well as those with double coats.  But really it is true for any breed of dog.  Here are some quick tips on how to keep your dogs safe and comfortable this Summer. DO NOT EVER leave your dog in an unattended car.  No matter how short of a time you think you'll[...]

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Summer Safety Tips For Dogs

The weather is turning, no really it is, and there are some surprising facts about keeping your dog safe in the Summer. After all, if you had on a fur coat and couldn't sweat, how would you feel in the mid July sun? Check out these tips to keep your doggies safe: DO NOT LEAVE YOUR DOG IN AN UNATTENDED CAR! It's just not safe no matter what you do, say, or think Know the signs of heat stress including excessive and/or rapid panting, excessive drooling, bright red gums and/or tongue, inability to balance or struggle to maintain balance, and[...]

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