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Crafting a Cozy Home for Your Elderly Dog

Soft and Comfy Bedding for Elderly Dog

You and your pooch have been together a long time. You’ve played countless hours of fetch, snuggled together on the couch to watch TV and you’ve even sneaked her food table scraps when no one was looking. In other words, you’ve established a special bond over the years. That doesn’t disappear just because puppy is getting long in the tooth. There are, however, some changes you’ll need to make to ensure that your aging dog is happy and comfy. Below are a few tips for crafting a cozy home environment for your elderly dog. Soft Bedding Over Hard Floors When[...]

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Tips for Bringing Your Dog into the Office

Labrador Lying on a Messy Work Desk

Are you one of those lucky people who works for a dog-friendly office? The trend has gained steam in recent years as many companies have seen improvements in morale, employee retention and recruiting. Then again, there are challenges that come along with bringing your dog into the workplace. These include a distracted workforce, accidents in the office and overstimulation (for both pets and people). These aren’t criticisms, per se, but rather things to be aware of. Below we will provide a few suggestions to ensure a safe and happy experience for your doggo and productivity-driven day for your coworkers. Pre-Office[...]

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Tips for Fido’s First Road Trip

Furry friend getting ready for road trip in a white van

Are you the adventurous type? Do you spend your workweek fantasizing about road trips through the wild western United States or driving a few hours south to the beach on Sunday morning? Wouldn’t it be nice to bring your furry friend on your next road trip? If your dog loves walks, then he or she will go absolutely bananas for a road trip expedition! Of course, taking Fido for a cruise in your SUV adds a whole batch of decisions you might not have thought about before. Below are a few things to consider and prep before taking your pup[...]

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Introducing the Newest Line of Pet ID Tags

HDC Stainless Steel Pet ID Designs

As a dog owner, you want to see your pet healthy, happy and safe. Your pup is part of the family, after all. But did you realize one of the best things you can do for your dog is also one of the easiest? Dog ID tags are simple forms of doggy identification. If Spot, for whatever reason, gets lost in a nearby neighborhood, a kind stranger could peek at his collar for your phone number. This is more important than you might think. According to Dr. Emily Weiss, vice president of shelter research and development for the American Society[...]

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