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10 Activities to Share in With Your Fur Child

Who is your one friend that is up for anything, at any time,in any place? YOUR DOG! As soon as you take the leash off its hook, your dogknows there’s going to be some fun adventuring. It doesn’t matter if it’s astroll around the block or a car ride to the vet, or trip to look at somefinely-crafted leatherdog collars , your dog is beyond excited. When you see that line of dribbletrailing from his lips into a puddle on the floor, you know he’s ready to seizethe day.What are some fun activities to share in with your littlebeastie? Well,[...]

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Summer Safety Tips For Dogs

The weather is turning, no really it is, and there are some surprising facts about keeping your dog safe in the Summer. After all, if you had on a fur coat and couldn't sweat, how would you feel in the mid July sun? Check out these tips to keep your doggies safe: DO NOT LEAVE YOUR DOG IN AN UNATTENDED CAR! It's just not safe no matter what you do, say, or think Know the signs of heat stress including excessive and/or rapid panting, excessive drooling, bright red gums and/or tongue, inability to balance or struggle to maintain balance, and[...]

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