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Should You Buy a Puppy from a Breeder?

Puppies Waiting to be Adopted

If you’re new to the concept of dog ownership, understanding the pros and cons of purchasing your new pup from a breeder can be confusing. If your purchase from a reputable breeder, you’re sure to get a pup who looks and acts the part of a noble breed, free from upsetting past experiences that could cause later behavioral issues. If you adopt a dog from your local humane society, you’re saving them from a life of abuse and neglect. You’re giving a shelter dog a second chance at life, and they will forever be grateful for that, just as you’re[...]

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The bond shared between human and dog is an ancient one. Inan interview with CBC Radio Active, anthropologist Rob Losey explained that “[Humans] sharethe same kind of basic biological response to each other. It’s not only a onedirectional kind of thing. I think that’s what makes the relationship we havewith our dogs so special. That capacity arose in dogs and people a long time ago.It’s not something that arose in the last few centuries. It’s very, veryancient.” Dogs have been our four-legged companions for thousands ofyears. Time and time again they have proven their love, loyalty and devotion tous. It[...]

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