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The Collar Still Fits! 5 Ways to Help Your Pup Lose Weight

Cute and squishy Pomeranian dog on her pink fashionable clothes

There’s nothing cuter than a pleasantly plump puppy with squishy cheeks and a round belly. But what happens if that baby fat never goes away? What if your canine companion actually starts to pack on the pounds over time? Don’t worry, you wouldn’t be alone. The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention found that over half (54 percent) of dogs were overweight or obese in 2015. Besides extra poundage being bad for your dog’s health, it may make their favorite activities difficult, from jumping into the car for a joy ride to strutting about town on leash. You want pet collars[...]

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Is Your Dog Safe This Holiday Season?

Each year when the holidays roll around, your home can become adangerous place for your dog. There are holiday items on display that pose athreat, and foods are present that can be poisonous. There are ways to keepyour dog safe as you entertain visitors during Thanksgiving, Christmas, NewYears, and the occasional family holiday gatherings. Beverages Your dog should never be allowed to taste alcoholic beverages. Keep aneye on glasses that are set on coffee tables or any other surface your dog canreach. Caution your guests not to allow your dog access to their drinks.Alcohol can cause your dog to experience[...]

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FREE Printout – Food Rules For Dogs

Keep your guests informed and your dogs safe with this free printout Did you know that many common foods can be dangerous or even deadly to your dogs? With BBQ and party season upon us, be sure that your guests know the "food rules" around your pets with this free download: Our Free Poster is a PDF file that will download or open in a new window, you can also right-click this download link and save-as to save the poster to your local desktop or device

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Food & Drinks at Your Next BBQ That Could Kill Your Dog…

Some very common foods can be dangerous or even fatal to your dog. Learn those foods here and be sure to share with anyone who may be caring for your dog Alcohol - Sure this one seems obvious but we've seen a lot of pictures out there of dogs next to beers. Even small amounts of alcohol can be dangerous and beer is twice as harmful due to the hops Sugar Free Gum, Candy, & Other Products - The sugar substitute used in many of these products, Xylitol, is so toxic to dogs that fatal symptons can begin appearing within[...]

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