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Famous Presidential Dogs from Eisenhower to Obama

Even with the U.S. presidential election behind us, timesare still proving a little crazy. It’s hard to find a happy-go-lucky news storywhen our candidates’ campaigns have been hit by scandal, untruths and oversights.With all of this, what good can come of 2016’s election? The First Dog! Looking at designer dog collars and don’t know which one to go with? Maybe your favorite First Dog can help! For the Love of Dogs Part of the fun of getting a new president in the White Houseis the day the First Family announces when they will be expanding their familyto include a four-legged[...]

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Military Dogs: Some Famous Four-Legged Heroes

As much as it may seem overused, the expression “dog isman’s best friend” rings none truer than with military service dogs. Trained toignore their very nature, military dogs are taught more than the typical sit,beg and roll-over commands. They must learn to suppress barks and snarls, tosniff out danger, and to rely completely on their handlers. In your search for pet tags, take some timeto learn more about our heroic military dogs, they may just inspire you! Name: SergeantStubby Breed: BostonBull Terrier War: WWI Story: Duringcombat training on the lawns of Yale University, Private J. Robert Conroyhappened upon a smallpuppy[...]

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