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The Doggie Scrapbook: Documenting Your Puppy’s First Year

A retriever lying on his photographs taken by his pawrents during special occasions and outings

The world can sometimes be a complicated and frustrating place; but thankfully all that melts away when you look at your four-legged friend. Dogs are a boundless source of unconditional love and affection. It’s truly amazing how a few minutes of puppy time can turn your whole day around. So, it’s no surprise that some people choose to photograph and scrapbook their pets. This can either be a physical arts-and-crafts project or a digital hobby via social media platforms like Pinterest or Instagram. Either way, it can be a lot of fun to document your puppy’s life, especially in their[...]

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Should You Buy a Puppy from a Breeder?

Puppies Waiting to be Adopted

If you’re new to the concept of dog ownership, understanding the pros and cons of purchasing your new pup from a breeder can be confusing. If your purchase from a reputable breeder, you’re sure to get a pup who looks and acts the part of a noble breed, free from upsetting past experiences that could cause later behavioral issues. If you adopt a dog from your local humane society, you’re saving them from a life of abuse and neglect. You’re giving a shelter dog a second chance at life, and they will forever be grateful for that, just as you’re[...]

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15 Reasons Fur Babies are Better Than Human Babies

If you have been with your S.O. for a couple of years,you’re no doubt getting asked these questions: When are you getting married? Why is it taking so long? Don’t you want kids? Why don’t you want kids? Why won’t you give me grandchildren? Maybe you’ve heard a few of these choice phrases too: You won’t be young forever. They won’t buy the cow if they’re getting themilk for free. You’re not really an adult until you have a kidof your own. Why are family members so obsessed with couples popping outa few kids? They had children, why are you[...]

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