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The Doggie Scrapbook: Documenting Your Puppy’s First Year

A retriever lying on his photographs taken by his pawrents during special occasions and outings

The world can sometimes be a complicated and frustrating place; but thankfully all that melts away when you look at your four-legged friend. Dogs are a boundless source of unconditional love and affection. It’s truly amazing how a few minutes of puppy time can turn your whole day around. So, it’s no surprise that some people choose to photograph and scrapbook their pets. This can either be a physical arts-and-crafts project or a digital hobby via social media platforms like Pinterest or Instagram. Either way, it can be a lot of fun to document your puppy’s life, especially in their[...]

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The Genius Of Dogs – A Book Recommendation

The genius of dogs boils down to this: Dogs, unlike any other member of the animal kingdom, have learned to cohabitate and learn from humans. This fascinating book by Authors Brian Hare and Vanessa Woods takes a look at how our faithful friends have adapted to, and essentially adopted, us humans. Examining every size, shape, and breed of dogs in a multitude of environments, Authors Hare and Woods take us on stunning journey from wild wolf to beloved family member What can we learn from dogs in how they interact and socialize?  Or in how they take cues from their[...]

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