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3 Ways to Curb Aggressive Behavior in Your Alpha Dog

Aggressive dog tips

Dogs get a bad rap in the news media. If someone has been bitten by a dog, demands to have the dog euthanized spring up on the message boards. If the dog happens to be particular breed, such as a Pit Bull or German Shepherd, you can bet that the public will demand to “see justice.” Just like people, dogs aren’t born bad. There are extenuating circumstances that can change a human’s (or dog’s) behavior. Where does it all start? With the puppy parent. If your pup is exhibiting aggressive behavior, bust out the dog biscuit treats, it’s time to[...]

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Help! My Dog Has Separation Anxiety

You put on your shoes, grab your keys, and make your way to the door.Before you can even turn the knob, your dog appears. He begins whining,yipping, and frantically circling your feet. Your heart sinks, and youremotions waffle between frustration and guilt. It's a common scene, played out in households across the world. Yourdog, like thousands of others, is suffering from separation anxiety. It occurswhen a dog experiences severe distress when separated from his guardian. He maybark, whine, howl, and use the bathroom inside. In the most severe cases, hemay destroy furniture, doors, window treatments, and other household items. Separation[...]

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Bark Bark Bark! Why Your Dog Barks and How To Fix It

Barking is a natural way for dogs to communicate their emotions. Whileit's something to be expected, excessive barking can be troublesome for petowners and annoying for neighbors. To manage your pet's barking issue, it helpsto understand why canines bark to get to the root of the behavioralproblem. Common Reasons Why Dogs Bark Dogs use various types of vocal communication, including howling,grunting, whining, and barking. Younger pups tend to make loud crying noises,especially when they feel upset. Some breeds are more inclined to bark easilydue to the way they have been bred and trained as watchdogs or herdingdogs. Dogs bark in[...]

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How Do I Help My Dog’s Anxiety?

Does your dog appear fearful or stressed? Does your dog bark when leftalone at home?  If so, your pet may be suffering from anxiety. We tend to notice it more inour canine companions when they bark or destroy things. In either case, an anxious dog is experiencing a heightened internalresponse. Fear is an instinctual reaction which protects animals from threateningsituations. Some level of fear is beneficial to survival. Yet fear can alsobecome harmful when it manifests inappropriately. A persistent orexcessive fear of a specific thing or stimulus is called a phobia. Fear or dread in anticipation of a future event is[...]

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