The bond shared between human and dog is an ancient one. Inan interview with CBC Radio Active, anthropologist Rob Losey explained that “[Humans] sharethe same kind of basic biological response to each other. It’s not only a onedirectional kind of thing. I think that’s what makes the relationship we havewith our dogs so special. That capacity arose in dogs and people a long time ago.It’s not something that arose in the last few centuries. It’s very, veryancient.”

Dogs have been our four-legged companions for thousands ofyears. Time and time again they have proven their love, loyalty and devotion tous. It was Roger Caras who said “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make ourlives whole.” When it comes to dogs, have such words ever rang more true? Wecan spoil our dogs with good food, fun toys and matchingdog jerseys , but it’ll never be enough to repay them for the millionkindnesses they bestow unto us each and every day. Here are three stories thatshine a bright spotlight on the constant companion that is a dog.

Sissy the Miniature Schnauzer

sissy the mini schnauzer We’ve heard stories about dogs striking out on their own tofind an owner they haven’t seen in an hour, a day, week, a month or even years.After missing her owner Nancy Franck for some days, 10-year-old Sissy traveledbetween 15-20 blocks to the Mercy Medical Center, where her owner wasrecuperating after a cancer-related surgery.

The pup wanderedthe halls looking for her owner and was spotted by an hospital securityofficer whom upon reading the name tag realized the pooch had made a longjourney for being such a small little thing. Calling Nancy’s husband Dale toinform him their dog was at the hospital, Nancy and Dale’s daughter drove tothe hospital to retrieve their beloved furry family member, but not beforestopping by Nancy’s room so that Sissy could say hello to her human mama.

Though Sissy had never before been to the hospital, she hadbeen to her owner’s workplace, just next door. Nancy said Sissy’s visit “helpeda lot, just to see her and talk to her.” Our dogs just seem to know when weneed them most, don’t they?

Bucky the BlackLabrador

Bucky-the-Black-Labrador Mark Wessells, the proud owner of a black lab named Bucky,said in aninterview with WPDE Carolina Live that his companion “[is] just reallysmart. [Bucky] knows, I can have a conversation with him and he’ll talk back.”

In January 2012, Mark learned that his new home in MyrtleBeach, South Carolina did not allow dogs. With a heavy heart, Mark left Buckyin the care of his father in Winchester, Virginia. Bucky wouldn’t hear of it.After Mark had moved, Bucky began a long, 500-mile trek to find Mark. When Marklearned his dog had gone missing, he thought he was never going to see himagain.

In August 2012, another young man living in Myrtle Beachspotted a charismatic black lab running around his neighborhood. Taking the pupto the vet to determine its health, it was discovered the dog had a microchip:it was Bucky! Mark was called by the animal vet and was soon reunited with hisbest friend. Mark said of the experience, “It’s just crazy he made it down hereon his own. You know it’s like Homeward Bound is whatI’m thinking.” Clearly, the bond between human and dog knows no bounds.

Murphy the GoldenRetriever

Murphy-the-Golden-Retriever On a family campingtrip in 2012, the Braun family woke up to find that their golden Murphy wasmissing. After an extensive search of the area, with fliers plastered aroundTahoe and a Facebook page dedicated to finding leads on the missing dog, itwasn’t until two years later that another camper claimed to have spotted Murphynot five miles from the spot the Braun family had camped.

Returning to the campsite, the Brauns’ set up camp, bringingclothes and blankets from home that had their scent in the hopes that Murphywould sniff them out and be reunited with her family. It would be another weekuntil Murphy returned to the campsite, and when she was found, she was fastasleep atop the blankets and clothing her family had set out for her. Now backwith her family, Murphy is safe, secure and happy.

Dogs never give up. No matter the trials or tribulationsthey endure, they hold steady and push on. Celebrate your pup’s noble spiritand treat them to warm dog jersey from HotDog Collars .

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