Personality, Pizazz and Peagle Style

Every dog breed at there has their own look. Long or curlyfur, brown or hazel eyes, black or pink paw pads—every dog is his ownrepresentation of what it is to be a dog. Take a look at the Peagle. A crossbreedbetween the Pekingese and Beagle, the Peagle is a small, spotted pooch knownwidely for its affection and penchant for cuddles. To introduce the world tothe fun and cute personality of your pup, investing in personalized dog tags for yourpets is the best way to go.

Pekingese + Beagle =Peagle

What are the characteristics of the two breeds that make upyour doe-eyed Peagle? Let’s take a look below.

pekingese are the cutest! Pekingese: Originally bred as companion animals for theimperial family of China, Pekingese dogs, they are still bred for theiroriginal purpose today, for companionship. This breed does well in a familyenvironment, but is better suited for a family with older children. The Pekingesebreed doesn’t have a lot of patience for the curious, tail-pulling toddler. ThePekingese has long fur that requires grooming and care.

Beagle: A small dog, the American Kennel Club saysbeagles are the fifth most popular dog breed in the U.S. An ideal companion foryoung children to adults, the Beagle is friendly, affectionate and verycurious. The beagle (a hound dog) has short hair and is not as high-maintenanceas the Pekingese.

Peagle: Now here we are, what personality traits can we expectfrom the little Peagle? The Peagle is a social creature who loves playing withchildren, adults and other dogs. An active breed, the Peagle must be exercisedregularly. A very intelligent dog, the Peagle requires verylittle training structure. The Peagle does best in a home with a yard to runaround in and children to play with.

Protecting Your FurChild

As pet owners, we want what’s best for our fur children. Wewant them to have the best toys, food, and yes, accessories. We want people toknow how much we love our dog. To show our love to the world, we want toaccessorize our four-legged friends in the best dog leashes and collars out there.

As a dog enthusiast, you’re probably already familiar withthe selection of dog collars available. As a responsible dog owner, you knowthat the collar is about more than just the color, the purpose of the collar isto keep your pet safe. But there’s no harm in having it customized!

wear maringale collars to stay safeThe more active your dog, the better the collar you’ll want.Active dogs like the Peagle would benefit the most wearing the Martingale collar.The Martingale collar is loose-fitting and comfortable for everyday wear whilealso helping you keep better control of your hound on your daily weeks byslightly tightening the collar if your pup is trying to lead or chase aftercat.

The Martingale collar comes in a variety of colors and sizesand is best accessorized with a customized pet ID. Your dog is an individual,and his ID should express that. Tags in many shapes and colors and can beengraved with your pup’s name in a variety of fonts. Have a playful Peagle?Choose Comic Sans. Own a serious Peagle? Go with the classic Times. Whateveryou do, make sure it reflects your pup’s sweet nature.

Here at HotDogCollars, we value every dog forthe beautiful, loyal and kind beasts they are. Find the collarsand accessories that will delight you and your dog today