I’m an Individual! Dog Collars for the Social Butterfly

My Morning Routine

As surprising as this may be, my human wakes up before I do.Before I was allowed up on the big dog bed, I would sidle my way into her crateand nose her leg with my snout—I had to GO OUT, if you know what I mean. Butonce she allowed me up there with her, and I was able to burrow under what thehuman calls “blankets,” waiting to use the green potty wasn’t so ruff.

dogs in bed It takes her a little bit of time to coax me out of bed;it’s a den of warmth and delight. Being short-haired, I’m almost always cold,so taking me from my warm place is next to torture, (it’s almost as bad asgoing to the vet) but my human knows this. To make up for it, she puts someyellow fluffy stuff in my food dish, on top of my kibble. I’ve noticed that ifI don’t eat the kibble, she’ll add some chicken, too. I think this has fastbecome my favorite trick to perform for her: if I don’t eat, she sits on thefloor and scratches my belly. If I sniff the food and then walk away, she putsother treats in my dish. This doesn’t always work, but it almost always does.

After I eat, I go outside to do my business. I appreciate myhuman standingguard over me; going potty makes one vulnerable. To show her that I thankher, I try and look up into her face for acknowledgement, but she always looksaway; I know it’s because she’s standing watch and can’t be distracted. WhenI’m finished, we go back inside. I then decide where I’m going to take a nap.But before I have time to complete my third circle, I hear ajingle-jangle and I know: WE’RE GOING TO THE PARK! I’M GOING TO THE PARK!

The Park

Sometimes I’m wrong about the park, and we end up going tothe vet, but not today, my friends! My person attaches a long string thing(what she calls a leash) to one of my beautiful embroidereddog collars that I am currently wearing and then she tells me to jump. Landinggracefully on the gravel, I and my human prance to the green grass where I seemy friends playing fetch with their humans or soaking up some sun.

dog park We all have our own place in the pack, and I am the Diva.There’s Manny, Princess and Skittles too. I’m usually the only one still “onleash,” but that’s because my human says I’m feisty. I have a few names: Diva,Don’t Jump and Get Down. I don’t like the last two so much, but it’s whatever,I’m little and cute and everyone loves me, that’s what my human says.

Sometimes my human takes my leash and collar off and I runfree and wild—but she’s quick to put them back on, saying I look naked,whatever that means. As long as I can play, I don’t care!